A downloadable game

Disasteroids 3D was a personal research project to learn how to write simple games using Visual C++ and OpenGL. Programming started on February 16,2000 and the game rapidly took shape. I had a rough game was playable in less than a week, and since that time I’ve added a lot of cool effects to make the game more polished.

The game features:

  • OpenGL 3D graphics
  • DirectSound support
  • DirectInput support for joysticks and force-feedback devices
  • A very low sticker price (it’s free)

I owe a great deal of thanks to Jeff Molofee of nehe.gamedev.net for his OpenGL base code, as well as his encouragement throughout the project. Without his help, Disasteroids 3D wouldn’t have even been started.

I hope this game serves as an inspiration to anyone out there who has wanted to program a game to go ahead and do it.

Go to http://www.lmnopc.com/disasteroids3d/ for more information and screenshots, and for a link to download the game.